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                        Our Quest For Product And Service Perfection



We've been manufacturing Lab Equipment since 1943.

about-us.jpg"Back in the Day" we were known as WEHMER PENNWALT.  In 1975, Mr. James Gallop was hired as General Manager.  In 1982, he purchased the Company and it became known as BF WEHMER CO., INC.  or the WEHMER CORPORATION.  We have set the recognized standard for excellence in Cephalometric Equipment throughout the dental profession.  Our Wehmer Model Trimmers are designed to assure precise, uniform model trimming, plus we are the only manufacturing company that has designed and offered DUAL Model Trimmers - with a coarse & fine wheels combined on one machine!  We are a manufacturer first, and a supplier second.  We don't let accountants tell us how to build products.  We understand products from the ground up, and if you have needs that aren't filled by standard off-the-shelf items, we can often offer a custom solution.  Get to know us again...sort through our website, and you'll find out we are STILL providing professional grade products to Lab professionals and Orthodontists!  

Customer Service is a key strength of ours.

At Wehmer, no "1" is a number!  We are on a first name basis with many of our long-time customers.  “We’re more than just the machines people knew us for."  Our Technical Services Department has over 40 years of experience troubleshooting model trimmers, spatulators (mixers), and cephalometric problems.  Our entire staff of friendly & knowledgeable technical personnel are at your service to answer questions and make recommendations on the use and service of Wehmer products.  Our customer service team goes out of their way to guide clients with input and assisting you in setting up your orthodontic laboratory - whether in the office or as a separate business.  But don't just take our word for some of the feedback received over the years from our clients!  

Jim Gallop has always been a real differentiator & a strong presence at Wehmer.

wehmer-veterans.jpgHe volunteered for the draft in 1952 during the Korean War.  Jim proudly served in the US Army from 1953 to 1955 - and since becoming the CEO/Owner of Wehmer - he takes pride of the fact that we are a Veteran-Owned Small Business Company.  We also take pride in building our equipment in America, and like the folks tht build these machines, they'll get the job done and do it for a very long time.  If you know Jim Gallop, you know why Wehmer is on a continued quest for Perfection!