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COVID-19 Resource Page

 COVID-19 has changed the way many Orthodontists & Dentists provide treatment to patients.  Regulations, recommendations and new mandates regarding the safe practice of dentistry during the COVID-19 pandemic vary widely from state to state.  Many practices are needing to reduce the number of patients allowed in an office at any given time, and often only seeing scheduled appointments - therefore, removing the ability for walk-in patients or unscheduled chair side assistance.  

WEHMER offers products to help ensure you are able to successfully operate within these new guidelines, geared towards protecting the health & safety of your patients, staff and yourself.  

In order to reduce costly, unscheduled chair side assistance, we can offer you the following:

1)  Our "Click & Lock" RES (RATCHETING EXPANSION SCREW) provides your patients and their parents the confidence that each activation is working as it should, as per the Doctor's prescribed expansion plan.  This will reduce the need for costly & unscheduled chair side activation "incidents".  It will also ensure that when the patient is scheduled to return for their scheduled appointment, they will be on-track where they should be in the expansion process of their RES.

                         res-pic-teeth-model.jpg                            res-2.jpg          

  2)  We also proudly offer you the LIGHTED-SAFETY KEY to use with the Ratcheting Expansion Screw!  Designed by none other than a Parent - to avoid unscheduled office visits.  This Safety Key is not ordinary!  See clearly inside the patient's mouth, as you or the parent expand the RES.  We are sure that you, your staff & your patients will Love it!

                             lighted-res-key-002-.jpg                               safety-key-inside-mouth.jpg