Wehmer tradition instruments deliver the quality and reliability you expect from a leader in lab products.  These pliers are made in the USA on forged surgical stainless steel blanks and are inserted with tool steel tips for a long life.  They feature the European-type box joint for long-term alignment and cutting capability.  All inserted pliers feature a three-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Lab size vs. Standard (Orthodontic) size

Lab sized pliers are made on beefed-up forgings-not huge, but with extra handle width and length to provide maximum leverage while still being easy to handle.  Lab-sized pliers also have a heavier joint area to prevent springing of the tips, as well as more steel material backing up the inserted jaws.  Lab-sized pliers from Wehmer provide the technician with the most rugged and reliable lab pliers available today.  When quality counts, count on Wehmer.